[TenTec] Power Mite PM3A CW offset????

Stuart Rohre Rohre at arlut.utexas.edu
Wed May 3 14:21:47 EDT 2017

In the more crude tube receivers; knowing oprs. just moved the tuning 
knob a tiny bit to check for someone calling right on frequency with a 
direct conversion receiver.  The receivers, by the way, are wide enough 
to NOT conceal a close by caller, unless you have a crystal filter in 
the RF path.

Plenty of those National regen receivers mentioned as NOT working,  were 
the ONLY receiver for hundreds of young or poor (or both), ham operators 
of the 1930's.
In a regen, you advance the regen control until the receiver is self 
oscillating and there you have your BFO note.  You have to read the 
instructions or theory of operation of a regen, just as you do today for 
computerized rigs!

Stuart Rohre

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