[TenTec] 263 VFO will only transmit on receive frequency & will not work split

GARY HUBER glhuber at msn.com
Thu May 4 13:08:40 EDT 2017

The first thing I would do as a owner of similar (Corsair II with 263G VFO) equipment is set the internal and external VFOs to different frequencies, then determine if RA and RB are working (not RAB ) by using the reverse button on the VFO o putting the radio into transmit momentarily. If no joy,  exercise the RA / RB switch at least 10 times, also exercise RAB switch 10 times. Exercise the TA / TB switch 10 times, then try the reverse button on the ext. VFO and try a momentary transmit. If that doesn't work, I'd try cleaning the pins of the molex connector to the 263 and plugging and unplugging it a few times.

These steps should help you either clear the problem or provide more info for determining where to look.

73 & DX,

Gary - AB9M

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Subject: [TenTec] 263 VFO will only transmit on receive frequency & will not work split

I have a 263 VFO with my Corsair that works fine except it won't transmit on the correct frequency when trying to operate split. The receive function works well in all switch positions, just won't transmit on other than the receive frequency. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this issue? Thanks, Harvey, K5YU
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