Stuart Rohre Rohre at arlut.utexas.edu
Tue May 30 19:27:30 EDT 2017

Alan, I am praying for your health and that of another long time ham 
friend Joe Canfield here,  from the radio club. He has the same malady, 

He is not able to legibly sign his name, so we help him when the 
attendance sheet goes around at club meetings.  He can drive OK, and is 
pretty steady of hand except when doing close work like a signature. 
His home call is N5HPC.  He retired from being the State of TX HQ lab 
engineer for highways dept.  Did all the testing of materials that 
contractors were supplying for road repairs or new construction.  He 
analyzed concrete for bridges, etc.  Steel for reinforcing.  Amazing how 
much testing they had to do on the most ordinary projects.

If you have a car battery you can carry your TT rig to, you might be 
able to tell a bit more about the fault, if it shows OK working on 12 
volt battery, but not when on base station power supply; that would help 
diagnose the fault.

There was that one guy who answered you on the reflector who sounded 
like he might be able to help and had the same model TT rig.

Maybe you could lure him out to your QTH with the promise of your famous 



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