[TenTec] Century 21 audio hum

Stuart Rohre Rohre at arlut.utexas.edu
Tue May 30 20:02:23 EDT 2017

I have high opinion of the Triflow "fix". We have used it at my work, in 
industrial work for U.S. Navy.  Lots easier than flushing grease with 
solvents, as TF adds needed liquid components back to old grease that 
may remain in the PTO drive train. Cuts your work time and may last as 
long as you use the radio.  The low speed of the PTO means the grease 
should never wear out, but drying out is a loss of solvents TF can put 
back into the mix.  The pressure spray can penetrate the PTO drive train 
and make less mess than a full dig out of hard grease.

Stuart Rohre

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