[TenTec] Alignment of my Triton 4 544

Tim Cook nz8j at woh.rr.com
Tue Nov 14 12:24:41 EST 2017


If you haven't already, you might check the "T/R - REC" slide switch on the
back, maybe clean it with deoxit or something similar. I've seen those cause
some strange issues in the older Ten Tec rigs I've had. That switch is in
the RX line between the SWR/ALC board and the RF amp. Also on the SWR/ALC
board there are two diodes that sometimes go bad, not sure of the schematic
reference might be D4 and D5. 


I've played with several Argonauts, Tritons and Omni's over the years and
I've yet to see one that was really out of alignment. I've had issues with
many, but mostly a component gone bad or dirty switches/controls. 


They sure are a sweet sounding cw rig (and SSB but I don't operate there


73 and good luck getting it going.



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