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jack jfriend31 at comcast.net
Tue Oct 10 15:49:08 EDT 2017

My Original Orion has been back to Ten Tec twice and still does not work right. Presently I cannot key an amplifier at all in CW mode. Turning on the AMP circuit MENU>TX>Keying Loop 1 or Keying Loop 2 stops any keying output. Turning off the keying loops allows CW keying to resume. 

Also now and again the sub RX simply turns off. A full reset (turn on with VFB LCK on then Turn on with MAIN RX/TX then turn off and back on again resets everything and sub RX is back on. But one cannot guess when the sub RX will be turning off again as it happens even while the Orion is on and being used.

Sometimes the sub RX does not turn on when one switches the Orion on after it has been off  a while.

Any ideas why?

The above sub RX going off also happens on my Orion II same description. Fortunately the Orion II does not quit keying CW with the Keying loop turned on.

I have replaced both batteries in the two machines in the last few months. One is on the tuner, the other is behind the face plate. 

If anyone has a solution to either of the above problems please reply to 

Jfriend31 at comcast.net or AK7O at arrl.net

TU and 73
Jack AK7O

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