[TenTec] paragon question

mark kenward k8vf at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 10 21:58:25 EDT 2017

I don’t have a paragon, but a Paragon II, Omni A and Omni C which have PTO like Paragon does.  Paragon II is a phase lock loop rig and  is quite different.

You need to check the PTO frequencies and set them at bottom and top of 500kHz positions. Also if it is compressed or expanded frequency wise, you can adjust this as well.(on Omni A it goes from 5kHz to 5.5 kHz, but Paragon may be different)

Verify the ref oscillator frequency.

Set the bfo frequencies for USB/LSB and cw.

PBT is for receive only, so as long as you can center the cw filter on the dial, and as long as you can set SSB so it sounds ok,you CAN leave it alone..  But on my Omni 5, 6, and Paragon, I adjusted the frequency as called for in the manual……..this will set it up as shown below if all is right)

Normally cw will be dead centered at 12 o clock.

SSB will be on one side or the other near10- 11 o clock, depending on how you like to hear it, and which sideband you are on.

Make sure rig is warmed up, and that you have a Paragon manual………when you lift lid, it will start to cool, so you kind of have to do it and put cover back on to see if it stays put.

Best of luck. I am sure another fellow on the reflector can help you out better than I have.


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