[TenTec] 670 Keyer

JJ drunkkennedy at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 09:23:15 EDT 2017

Good morning,
Last year I picked up a Century 21 with the intention of restoring it. It
worked OK other than a stiff PTO. It needed some cosmetic work and it was

At Nearfest last weekend I picked up a Century 21 that included the 276
calibrator. The seller had no idea if the rig worked but noted that it
needed "TLC". I figured I could make one nice C 21 out of the two. Well the
newer one works just fine the way it is. Just needed a little cleaning,
cosmetically and electronically.

Yesterday at the MIT Flea I'm Cambridge I found a 277 tuner in excellent
Which now leads me to looking for a 670 meter to complete the
accessorization of my Century 21 station.

Does anyone have one have a 670 keyer for sale?

Thanks and 73,
Jon WS1K

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