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I fully agree with the criticism that a long text with no paragraph spacing
is difficult to read, but this thread has brought up a very interesting
aspect:  differences in email clients.


I prefer working in html mode, not text mode.  Sometimes I write what I
believe to be a good looking text, with proper single line spacing.  Then
when I receive my email, all of the lines have double or triple spacing.


I am using Microsoft Outlook as an email client for my private emails.

I use T'bird for my business email accounts.

Both have advantages and disadvantages.


"This" email will probably look messed up in one way or another.  


When I remember to switch my email to text mode, then it looks OK, but then
you can't use things like bulleted points and a few other options which help
enhance intelligibility. 


One thing I thought might be influencing it is, my email server is located
in Germany.  Maybe the European based servers use some kind of different
encoding than the US-based servers, due to the slew of extra characters we
are confronted with.



Rick, DJ0IP



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Nah.  No worries.  



I am using AOL's email client (yes. I'm one of the last twelve people on
planet Earth doing that, LOL).



Your content is what matters, and I very much like reading it.








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Weird.  The email in my 'sent' box shows the eight paragraphs tat I composed
the message in.  I use Mozilla Thunderbird as my mail client, perhaps that
is an issue?  But my earlier posts shows the paragraphs.  I will forward you
the original.73 - Jerry_______________________________________________TenTec
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