[TenTec] SDR ADC (was: TT Omni vii FS/FT)

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I am sure I saw/read somewhere that:

The spurious free dynamic range for the Analog Devices AD9467 ADC used 
by the Flex 6000 series is 75dB. So, how come they can claim a 3rd 
order IMD narrow spaced DR of 108dB?? Well, the digital magic is to 
filter and then decimate. That is to say, filter to eliminate aliasing 
and then throw away some of the samples.
Sounds crazy doesn't it BUT it delivers about an extra 40dB of dynamic 
range in the computer, taking the Flex 6000 series potentially up to 
around 115dB.


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Not sure if you were kidding, but 16-bit ADC direct sampling SDR's  
just fine, a la Flex 6000 series and ANAN.  I did some serious 
and low band work on them and was very impressed.  The myth of 
receive dynamic range with 16-bit ADC has been put to rest.

73, Barry N1EU

On Thu, Oct 26, 2017 at 2:44 AM, Dukes HiFi <dukeshifi at comcast.net> 

> GREAT time to  introduce an SDR that really works - an IC-7300 with 
> front end selectivity and a 24 bit Analog to Digital converter!
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