[TenTec] OT: (way OT) Email clients for Windows

rick@dj0ip.de Rick at DJ0IP.de
Sat Oct 28 17:08:05 EDT 2017

Hi Dave,

Tnx.  Just for fun, please send me an email (any message inside) so that I
can see what text gets added to the bottom of the mail.

Send it to any of my email accounts, in fact use this one:
R2D2 at Radio-GaGa.org 

I'll reply to QSL that I received it.
Rick, DJ0IP

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I've been using Windows Live Mail for many years and have gotten it to work
just fine on Windows 10 Pro.
It seems to fill my needs using IMAP which sure makes things better when you
might have a tablet or phone with mail clients on them, too.
It works for me anyway.

My best regards, Dave W9TG...

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I agree with you and Jim, Carl... but as a professional marketing guy for
many years, T'Bird has it downside.  It doesn't handle images well.

With Msft. I can copy any image out of an email and paste it to any other
Msft. app.
With T-Bird, I first have to save the image in a standard format, and then I
can copy and paste it.  One more step.  Often I just forward it to one of my
Outlook accounts and copy it out of there.

But as a pure mail client as such, I much prefer it over Outlook.

Rick, Dj0IP
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