[TenTec] DDS PTO replacement for old Ten Tec rigs

Curt Benjamin k8aicurt at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 29 15:47:30 EDT 2017

Thanks Steve but that's the code that I was talking about. I already have AD7C's code modified to tune 5 to 5.5 MHz, I just need it to shift frequency slightly with a DC voltage for RIT. AD7C , himself was one who said he tried to map an analog input on the Arduino to a frequency shift and didn't like it because he said it wasn't smooth enough to use for RIT. That's why I'm trying to do it this way - to mix a VXO with the DDS in order to get a RIT line.

I can post the code I have so far right here, if that's okay with the moderators. Also, where's a good place to post pics and schematics so folks here can access them?

Also, Mike... If that's all you need... a DDS that has an input line that applies a shift in frequency, then code like the modified AD7C code would work. Are you sure there's not a voltage-controlled RIT line needed in the SB-104?

Curt K8AI

>I built a general purpose signal generator using an Arduino to control 
>an AD9851 module. I used AD7C's code with a few modifications:
>It would be very easy to use that code as your starting point and add >in 
>the RIT function and limit the frequency to 5.0-5.5MHz. If You use the 
>Corsair's existing display as I did in my PTO replacement, you can drop 
>all the LCD code.
>Steve G3TXQ

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