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Rod Greene w7zrc at yahoo.com
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Three questions:
1. Where can I obtain a complete Service Manual for the 585 as you suggest below? The W7FG Manuals might be a possibility? If anyone has a copy I could purchase please let me know.
2. Who does complete alignments? I looked at the procedure on the Wiki and it looks a little beyond me. Does anyone know if Tec Tec Service does this? 
3. How do I identify the Major and Minor Loop boards? 

Thanks again for you help! 73, Rod/w7zrc

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Solder problems on the Major and Minor Loop boards are probably the most
common problem with Paragons, which can result in a problem with the PLL. If
the problem is on every band then it is probably the minor loop board, if it
is confined to a couple of bands then it probably is the major loop board.
The problem is most likely caused by bad solder connections. Often you can
get a quick fix by just reheating the connections on the RF circuit area of
the board indicated in the problem, but my experience is that this will be a
temporary fix. The best is to remove the offending solder using a
solder-sucker or similar and resolder those connections with fresh material.
Since doing that I have gone years without an issue with the PLL failing to
lock or becoming unstable.


The boards are pretty easy to access and remove. One has a shield soldered
on the entire bottom, but even that is not too bad to deal with. Be sure you
have the complete owner's manual, which also includes detailed service
information, circuit diagrams, and pictures for each of the boards.








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Good morning.  I have a Tentec 585 which I have enjoyed using for years.  In

recent times it has developed a problem with the phase lock loop not wanting

lock.  At first I could leave the rig on for a few minutes and pll would

Now I can run the rig all day and pll will not lock most of the time.  Any 

suggestions on how to cure this problem?  Thanks and 73 de WA4NLF



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