[TenTec] Tentec 585 PLL

Vic Klein vhklein at ptd.net
Thu Sep 7 07:46:24 EDT 2017

The complete owner's manual has what amounts to a service manual included
with detailed circuit descriptions and adjustment procedures, and I found
there actually was an alignment procedure at Ten Tec. I forwarded both to
you by email as was sent to me yesterday.


Ten Tec still will do repairs on this radio as the parts are typically not
made from unobtanium, but it is fairly easy to work on if you are
comfortable with classic printed circuits with discreet components in
through-hole board mounts. No surface mount stuff here!


The major and Minor loop boards are the 2 closest to the top front of the
radio and seen when you take off the aluminum cover (under the cabinet
cover) on the left side facing the radio. This is the area where an optional
FM board would have been mounted. The manual will give clear descriptions of
these boards. As a first "fix", just reseat all the connections going to and
from the boards in this area and back to the processor. It might be
something as simple as a dirty connection, but more likely the classic PLL
solder problem.


73, =Vic=



> Vic,

> Three questions:

> 1. Where can I obtain a complete Service Manual for the 585 as you suggest

> below? The W7FG Manuals might be a possibility? If anyone has a copy I

> could purchase please let me know.

> 2. Who does complete alignments? I looked at the procedure on the Wiki and

> it looks a little beyond me. Does anyone know if Tec Tec Service does

> 3. How do I identify the Major and Minor Loop boards?


> Thanks again for you help! 73, Rod/w7zrc


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