[TenTec] Orion II tone at 7030, 14030

K3GHH k3ghh at arrl.net
Sun Sep 17 11:28:48 EDT 2017

Is any other O2 user detecting this? I was going to call it a heterodyne 
but that might not be the right word... just a steady CW-like tone. 
Using LCW and tuning up, it first becomes audible (to my ears) about 
7030.100 and I can last hear it at 7030.700. On 20m, the audible tone is 
14030.060 to 14030.700. It's plenty strong enough to interfere with CW 
signals on this popular frequency. I do not hear it on 80m or 10m.

-- John K3GHH

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