[TenTec] New Orion owner with Problems

Wes Attaway (N5WA) wesattaway at bellsouth.net
Sun Sep 24 22:54:41 EDT 2017

Was this radio sold to you as one that was working properly?

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I just picked up an Orion I and am having issues.  This radio has Ver
3.032x5 software loaded and the V2 mod has been done( I verified that).
The boot page says "V2 mod not detected" and the DSP software is
-0.01b-1.  I get no audio and no s meter movement of any kind when a
signal of appropriate level is injected into the antenna port. Sometimes
the DSP software comes up as -33.29b and most of the time as -0.01b-1.  I
have reloaded the software twice and did the master reset/clear operation
as well.  I have used the Tentec loader to verify the installation too.
have verified that there is a signal coming out of the 14khz analog IF
too.  So am looking for ideas on how to fix or test the DSP to see if
that is my problem or any ideas on what to do next..

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Steve NU0P

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