[TenTec] Tentec Titan Amplifier series

Floyd Sense k8ac at k8ac.net
Wed Sep 27 20:26:51 EDT 2017

Recently, I've seen a couple of ads where the person was selling a 
Tentec Titan where the descriptions made no sense based on what I know 
about Titans.  Perhaps someone who knows the history of the Titan amps 
can clear things up for me.  One ad was for a Titan that supposedly uses 
3-500Z tubes.  The other was for a Titan II that allegedly uses 3cx800 
tubes.  Here's what I thought to be true about the Titan line:

1. Titan I (425) - uses pair of 3CX800s

2. Titan II (416) - uses single 4CX1600B

3. Titan III (417) -  uses pair of 4CX800s

Were there other models in the line?  Any that ever used 3-500Zs?

73, Floyd - K8AC

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