[TenTec] FT8

Jim Brown k9yc at audiosystemsgroup.com
Fri Dec 7 14:04:32 EST 2018

On 12/7/2018 8:17 AM, Malcolm McLeman wrote:
> Would like to try FT8 using a Win 7 laptop/Omni VI+ and was wondering if 
> it could be achieved with or without an interface?

If your station is properly bonded, including the laptop, it should work 
fine. Digital modes CAN work BETTER with a decent USB interface. 
"Better" in this context means a better A/D converter, which can improve 
the ability to decode weaker signals. I use a Tascam US100 at home, and 
a Numark Stereo I/O for portable work.

I do a lot of WSJT-X operating, mostly on 6M, and I've never used 
anything but a laptop. For a backpacking trip some friends were taking 
up a 3 mile trail that climbs 1,000 ft, I bought a used Lenovo X230, 
their most compact laptop, running Win 7 64. It works just fine, even 
with MSK144, which is more demanding of processor resources than FT8.

By proper bonding, I mean connecting short, fat copper connecting 
chassis to chassis of every piece of equipment that's part of the 
station, following the path of any interconnections between the gear, 
all grounds in your home bonded together, including antennas, power, 
telephone, and your shack.

73, Jim K9YC

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