[TenTec] Orion vs Orion II DSP Filters

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Just to clarify something here;  because I like the 100Hz BW at fw 1.x
better than at 3.x does not mean the generation 3 fw is not good or
There is a world of differences between 1.x and 3.x

For putting things into perspective:

-  The mentioned "100Hz BW performance experience" is valid at my local
QRM/QRN/MM-noise situation
-  I use it on the low-bands , mainly 160m
- Any other support act (like V3 APF or any external digital/analog  APF)
does not do it for me

- Generation 3.x fw  a LOT of  bugs are solved
- Generation 3.x fw  offers small incremental upgrades on several smaller
- Generation 3.x fw  offers many new options like fully adjustable APF,
different S-meter-settings/ballistics and per S-unit adjustment table, etc.
- Generation 3.x fw  supports the RX-366 upgrade 2nd RX-unit
- Generation 3.x fw   holds all the good of 2.x and then some, check at :

Mark PA5MW

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The roofing filters between the Orion and Orion II are physically different.
But the job of roofing filters is not critical for selectivity.  The roofing
filters are for the 2 khz dynamic range.

The DSP filters are the same for the 2 radios if you are using version 2 or
later firmware.  The difference comes in for the Orion where you can run
version 1 firmware.  In version 1 firmware, the DSP filters were designed by
Doug Smith and these filters have different characteristics than the version
2 and later DSP filters designed by Gary Barber.

PA5MW has found that the Version 1 filters have less ringing at very tight
bandwidths.  Just remember that version 1 firmware is not available for the
Orion II.

I do remember for a while when version 2 came out a lot of people preferred
version 1 firmware.

Carl Moreschi N4PY
58 Hogwood Rd
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On 12/12/2018 9:48 PM, Kim Elmore wrote:
> Based on what I read from N4PY and PA5MW, I'm confused about the 
> difference between the DSP filters in the Orion and Orion II (I have 
> the Orion II). Are the the most current firmware Orion filters 
> essentially the same as the most current firmware Orion II filters? If 
> different, can those difference be succinctly described?
> Kim N5OP
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