[TenTec] No Reception on an Omni D Series B

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Thu Dec 20 15:24:50 EST 2018

Yes, I remember that switch. I've set it to "Receive" thinking I didn't need it on "Transmit". 
I see from the schematic that this disconnects the coax completely where I have the signal generator attached. I will definitely check that out when I get to my workbench 

Thanks,Lyman KK6LPW

> I am troubleshooting a Ten Tec Omni D that belongs to my boss. I just
> repaired the VFO and that appears to be working OK but the primary problem
> this radio is having is no reception

Near the coax connector is a vertical slide switch that shifts the
a separate antenna jack. slide it up and down a few times to clean the
This is not a new situation with that switch.  Worth a try....

Perry  w8au

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