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Fri Dec 21 11:30:44 EST 2018

Hi Greg,

I have a fairly comprehensive set of old Ten-Tec manuals.

My 563 manual dated 2/1994 shows the 81602.
The 564 manual shows the same board.

So I checked the old Omni V (562).
It has an 81462 board in the IF/AF.

Are you absolutely certain of the board number?

I hope someone else can find that, but as far as I know, I have the most
comprehensive collection of manuals available.    Sorry.

Rick, DJ0IP
(Nr. Frankfurt, Germany)
May the Sunspots be with us!

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Does anyone have a schematic for a T-T Omni VI Model 563 IF/AF assembly?  My
instruction book includes production pcb 81602.  My transceiver has pcb
81597, 92842 Rev. C.

Thanks & Merry Christmas,

Greg, W2GLS former WB2PPQ
gsmith_007 at msn.com
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