[TenTec] A Ten Tec 81597 board oddity...

Peter Bertini radioconnection at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 12:28:26 EST 2018

I just spend a day working on a replacement 81597 board for my Omni VI
rigs... added the ten turn pots.

Odd thing is when I tried to align the board, obtaining the 400 Hz offset
for CW was impossible. After pulling my hair for a few hours, I traced the
runs and discovered there were no trimmer caps for CW offset on the 9 MHz
LSB crystal!  The board is marked 81597 92842 REV A.  No way it could have
ever worked in an Omni VI, even though it supposedly came from a scrapped
unit.  It seems to follow the BFO scheme used in the earlier V models.
Board can be modified by swapping the LSB and USB lines, and reversing the
two crystals.  Weirdness never ceases.


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