[TenTec] Omni-D with an Annoying 1khz Tone

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Mon Dec 31 22:06:10 EST 2018

Happy New Year everyone!

This Omni-D that I've been working has an annoying tone that can be heard across all bands and it is in the background. It measures about 1khz and will vary harmonically when I slowly turn the VFO thus changing the 100s hertz digit in the display. The waveform changes back and forth between a sinusoidal and a rough sawtooth. I can mask this tone by turning up the Rf gain but its still there. It is pronounce when the Rf gain is turned down. 

Does anyone know what the problem might be?  Could it be in the VFO or possibly the IF section?

Lyman KK6LPW
Happy New Year Everyone!

This Omni-D transceiver I'm working on has a 1 khz tone that I can hear in the background. It is fairly constant across all bands and across the frequency. It will vary in volume and it can be masked by turning the Rf gain up but it's always there. When I rotate the dial slowly to change the first digit (hz digit) on the display, the wave form will from a sine to a sawtooth and back. 

What could the problem be? The sensitivity is OK, accuracy of the frequency is OK

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