[TenTec] Issues aligning Omni 6+ (Mod. 564) FM TX carrier frequency

Sven Ladegast sven at ladegast.net
Tue Nov 6 10:04:51 EST 2018

Hello folks,

I do have trouble aligning the TX carrier frequency on an Omni 6+.

With no modulation applied, the TX carrier frequency shall be 9.00300 
MHz measured at connector 73 of the board. I used a TMP-BNC cable and 
connected it to connector 73 and connected the BNC connector to my 
accurate frequency counter using a T-connector and additional 50 Ohms 

The TX carrier frequency is aligned by turning the core of L2 but with 
the core complete turned out of the coil I get a maximum frequency of 
8.9965 MHz and cannot get to 9.00300 MHz. Do have anyone an idea what is 
going wrong? Aged XTAL?


Sven, DJ2AT

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