[TenTec] Delta II alignment

Greg Breeden al0apsk31 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 09:15:18 EST 2018


Wondering if any of you have aligned their Delta II?? I am having a couple
of issues...let me outline below.

1) The rig displays a freq inaccuracy between tx and rx  in both CW and
Phone. On 160 meters
it is about 20 hz or so. The discrepancy widens by steps as you go up
the ham bands and eventually amounts to 200 hz or so on 10 meters and
quite noticeable on SSB.  I confirmed this by comparing it to my SDR

2) There is some reduced output as you go up the ham bands. 100 watts
on 160, and about 80+ watts on 10 meters. This latter issue seemed to
coincide with the freq discrepancy and is new for this radio

Any thoughts? Can I fix this with an accurate Freq counter?

Greg, AL0A

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