[TenTec] Buying a Hercules amplifier for parts

Carlos carlos.peco at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 22:44:44 EST 2018


I finished (sort of) an EB-104 module kit some weeks ago. I tested it
with 4 x 12V power supplies connected in series and puts 500 W
(fundamental and harmonics) with ease. I don't have LPF filters yet,
so I could not test it on the air. I'm aiming for 400W, which is the
legal limit here in Australia.

I'm looking for a faulty Hercules II - 420 from someone who does not
want to repair his/hers. I prefer the 420 over the 444 because it
matches the Corsair II... but I will not say no to a Hercules I. I
would keep the LPF board and replace most of the internals with the
EB-104, I think it would be a nice project for 2019 !

I can be found at carlos.peco at gmail.com
Many thanks in advance

Carlos VK1EA

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