[TenTec] Hercules II fan noise ( Remembering Mike Hyder )

Rich H rhattaway at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 25 19:32:23 EST 2018


Hi, John!  I dug up this old comment on fan noise on the ten ten reflector:

From: Michael O. Hyder <N4NT at bigfoot.com>
>> To: bens at valint.net; tentec at contesting.com
>> Subject: Re: [TenTec] Hercules II and 444 Amps
To: <tentec at contesting.com>
>> Date: Friday,July 10,1998 5:03 AM
>> Hi Bob--
>> My 444 did not have a clacking relay (unless you are talking about
>> stepping relay used as the bandswitch).  QSK made no more noise than
>> Omni-C alone.
>> The 444 did have a fan which was not very loud when the amplifier was
>> sitting idle, but would sound rather like a 747 landing when the heat
>> sink got hot.  This fan noise was reduced by placing the 444 on a
>> of carpet so the desk didn't act as a sounding board.  After that it
>> sounded like a 737 landing.
>> I know nothing of the Hercules II, but it seems about the only thing
>> has in common with the 444 is that they are both solid state and they
>> share the name 'Hercules.'  Knowing what I do about the 444, I wonder
>> why TenTec didn't call the new one the 'Zeus' or something else to
>> folks from associating the two amplifiers.
>> Regards,  Mike      N4NT at bigfoot.com
Don?t know if that helps, but it may help?..
      Mike, N8TTR

Totally not in the spirit of the original poster's questions.. but I have to say I do miss Mike Hyder.  He and I grew up together in ham radio, and his wit and personality were suburb.. He was smart as a whip, and did not shy away from any problems.  And funny... geeeeze... He loved CW, and knew that he was always pushing my limits when he blazed away at 30 wpm back in our youth.. so instead of telling me he got a new car, he had to tell me he got an Anthracite Grey Volkswagen ... He was a huge fan of TenTec, and gone way way way to early.  RIP Mike, you and your volkswagen..

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