[TenTec] Request copy: Instruction/Owner Manual for TenTec Model 299 Talking Frequency Counter

David Weigel weigeldc at comcast.net
Fri Dec 13 00:27:08 EST 2019

December 13, 2019

Hello Listers: 

                I would greatly appreciate if someone might send to me a
pdf. Or Word document copy of the Instruction/Owner Manual for the TenTec
Model 299 Talking Frequency Counter or provide directions as to how I might
find one. I am a blind ham operator and desire to link the 299 with an non
TenTec analog transceiver - a Kenwood TS520 which has an external VFO  jack.
I also have a Rockwell/Collins KWM-380 solid state transceiver. It would be
great to give either one of these rigs a "voice". Any ancillary suggestions
for hookup and operation also greatly appreciated. 

                Thank you.

David Weigel   KD4JEZ   Naples, FL


e-mail address: weigeldc at comcast.net

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