[TenTec] looking for a schematic

Bob DeVarney W1ICW w1icw at myfairpoint.net
Sat Dec 21 16:06:13 EST 2019

Hi All,
I am in the midst of restoring my Corsair II (a bucket list radio) and 
discover that the board doesn't match the published schematics or 
manuals. Specifically my board has the Motorola MC1496 IC and the 
schematics all have the TL422. Pinouts are totally different. While this 
is not a showstopper, and I am sure I can figure it out by using the two 
different datasheets, I can't help but wonder if there are other 
"gotchas" lurking on this board that I might miss.
By any chance does anyone have a schematic they would be willing to 
share, either electronic format (preferred) or paper? This is for the 
80975 Oscillator Mixer board.

Thanks in advance and VY 73,


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