[TenTec] Inrad 250HZ filter

Peter Bertini radioconnection at gmail.com
Sat Jul 6 08:56:09 EDT 2019

I have all of my slots filled with Inrad filters in my main Omni VI Plus
rig, and that includes both Inrad roofing filters. To answer directly, I
have both 6 and 9 MHz 250-Hz Inrad filters installed.

I'm slowly upgrading the second Omni (they are slaved together for split
operation) to Inrad filters as I find them. That receiver also has the
cascaded Inrad roofing filters (selected by mode and actuated by the former
attenuator switch) and a few Inrads in the IF.

Ten Tec filters often do not age very well.  They can become more lossy or
suffer with pass band distortion as the filters age.  I've had at least one
CW filter go completely dead when one of the crystals in the filter failed.
I doubt you will be unhappy with an Inrad filter, and they hold their value.


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