[TenTec] Omni 6+ Crystal Oven Needed

Ken Koval kakoval at cox.net
Tue Jul 16 11:04:13 EDT 2019

The crystal oven for my Omni 6+ has failed.  It is in thermal runaway.  
The external temp goes from 77F to 120F in ten minutes as measured with 
an infrared thermometer and is hot to the touch. The 20 MHz oscillator 
freq drifts badly.  I am in need of another crystal oven.  A few years 
ago, someone on this reflector had purchased several new ovens and was 
selling them.  I can't seem to find that thread.  I know I can buy a new 
oven from Isotemp but if someone has a surplus I would prefer to 
purchase one from them. Any help would be appreciated.  I just hope I 
haven't cooked the 20 MHz crystal also.

Ken,  K9PGC

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