[TenTec] Orion display

Byron Cordes byroncordes at icloud.com
Sun Jul 21 11:50:16 EDT 2019

Hello everyone.
 My experience with changing Orion display . First off it works!  I took me 3 hours . 27 minutes soldering 14 wires and the rest of time taking apart and putting back together. Measuring for standoffs took the longest time but now I know make them 3/32 to 1/8 inch longer than the stock. I used plastic standoffs from a repeater cabinet for the insulators. I put them up against the stock board post and cut the new standoffs ,worked well.
New display came with ribbon cable tried to cut and separate but no luck there. So removed ribbon cable . Soldered 14 bread board wires about 5 inches long to the display. This was not easy , difficult for even a good tech, just so small . I checked the connections and found pin 5  v+  wasn’t soldered ! Must of flew right by it .hihi 
 Bought 90 pcb connector cut to 14 pins ,simple. Soldered 14 wires from display to each pin not to bad . 
 Trimmed the 14 stud post off of cpu board so that 90 deg plug mates flat on board. Need all the clearance you can get.
Everything else is just putting back together. You will probably have to adjust contrast control (it’s on bottom of radio) 
   Happy with it ? I like the original better but this gets the radio back on air. When I get some more time probably will download N4py software fore the Orion.
  Hope this helps if anyone has a bad display. 73s AC9PA Byron
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