[TenTec] Model 9420 100 Amp Power Supply

R.E. Weston reweston at ee.net
Thu Jul 25 02:34:07 EDT 2019

I recently acquired a Hercules II Amp and the matching 9420 100 Amp power supply. The power supply is supposed to power the Hercules II and the Transceiver driving it. I’m really confused about the 4 pin molex connector mounted on the front panel of the power supply that is supposed to power the Transceiver.  It looks like the standard connector Ten Tec has been using for years to power their transceivers which you would normally short pins 2 & 3 to turn the p.s. on. This one is labeled differently. Pin 1 – GND, Pin 2 – PWR ON,  Pin 3 – +13.5/LO I, Pin 4 - +13,5V/20A. I would like to power my Omni 7 or Orion II with this connector. Can someone tell me how to wire this connector to power these Transceivers? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tks.
Ross Weston

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