[TenTec] For sale: K4BEH estate items (updated)

Charles Johnson k4zrj at icloud.com
Fri Mar 1 12:56:02 EST 2019

For sale: K4BEH estate items (updated)

All items have been checked and are working as they should.
Non-smoking, clean environment.
All items sold as is. Local pickup possible in Woodstock, GA, for better price.

TenTec Paragon HF transceiver model 585:
All filter slots filled, 1.8, 500, 250.
Excellent electrical and cosmetic condition (few scratches on case).
100 watt output all bands.
New 9V battery installed, no corrosion.
Giehl Electronics firmware chip installed, original TT chip also included.
This is a very nice transceiver. It works well and is especially nice for the CW operator as the audio peak filter significantly improves readability.
s/n 585-00776.
$465 shipped.

TenTec Power Supply model 961:
Excellent electrical condition, good cosmetic condition.
Output voltage and current limit set to factory specs.
s/n 11A10265
$125 shipped.

TenTec Centurion HF amplifier model 422 (gray front panel):
Excellent electrical and cosmetic condition.
Output tested at 1200 watts all bands.
Has mismatched tubes: one RF Parts 3-500ZG (graphite anode), one Eimac 3-500Z.
s/n 01A10027 (1997 vintage - has new bias and QSK boards and 10/12 Meter capability)
Local pickup in Woodstock, GA, or will meet within 150 miles of metro Atlanta.

TenTec HF antenna tuner model 238:
Excellent electrical and cosmetic condition.
Has new dial pointer string and spring rebuild kit installed.
s/n 54A10189
$265 shipped.

Contact Charles, K4ZRJ, by email k4zrj at icloud.com for more details.

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