[TenTec] Eagle 599 - 15 Meter Preselector

David Goncalves davegoncalves at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 08:24:16 EDT 2019

I have an Eagle that seems to have lost 15 meter performance (all other
bands are OK) in between shipping from me to a buyer. The only obvious
thing I can see is that there is a slug missing from one of the
transformers on the preselector board for the 15 meter circuit. Everything
else logically points to a specific issue on the preselector circuit for 15
meters and little else - all other bands are unaffected, receive
performance is OK when in general coverage mode outside 15 meters, no
change when tuner turned off.

What I am wondering is if that circuit might normally be built without a
slug in one of those transformers, if the slugs normally rest a bit high on
these transformers. If something SHOULD be there, I'd be interested in a
source as well, beyond sending the whole radio over to Ten Tec Service.

David Goncalves

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