[TenTec] Poor sensitivity - Ten-Tec 574

Gary Tennyson garyandjanice2 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 16:56:15 EDT 2019

The 574 (Digital Century 21) has been sitting idle for several years. When
I got it out the 2N3055 regulator had failed, putting about 17 Vdc on the
(normally 13 V) regulated output. I replaced the 2N3055 (they’ve gotten
expensive!).  Now the power supply is OK.  Everything is on frequency.
Transmitter seems to work OK, but the receiver seems deaf.

I measured the Minimum Discernible Signal.  It’s about -90 dBm (bad).
There are also continuing ‘static crashes’ even with the antenna
disconnected.  Before I start troubleshooting the receive chain, I was
wondering if anyone on the list recognizes these symptoms.


Gary - KO4CY

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