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Thanks, Jack!

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Look up triad electronic supply in Winston Salem. I don’t see a web page anymore, but on google, there’s still a telephone number. You want to talk to Mike, N4VE.
He has a tech (Keith) who did repair work on my Titan 3 several times, and always fixed it lickety-split.
I had a blown fuse issue with mine several yrs, ago. What worked for me was ordering a 220 surge protector and inserting that between the 220 outlet and the amp. Mine is an ICE model number 338.
73 es GL de Jack W4TJE

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Does anyone know anyone who repairs Titan amps?

I’ve got a Titan III that suddenly started blowing fuses.

I tried what little diagnostics I could (checked transformer resistance, separated sections, checked diode stack) with no joy.  I sent it to a generic amateur radio repair tech who came highly recommended on discussion forums (not this one).  He had it several months, said he sent the tubes and transformer for testing, rebuilt part of the power supply, and finally gave up.

Any tips for a Titan repair source appreciated.

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