[TenTec] Titan Repair

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Sun Mar 17 11:40:00 EDT 2019

Try Clairmont Skyland Radio,  825 Oak Street, Gainsville GA.


I do not have the phone number in front of me.


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> Does anyone know anyone who repairs Titan amps?
> I’ve got a Titan III that suddenly started blowing fuses.
> I tried what little diagnostics I could (checked transformer resistance, 
> separated sections, checked diode stack) with no joy.  I sent it to a 
> generic amateur radio repair tech who came highly recommended on 
> discussion forums (not this one).  He had it several months, said he sent 
> the tubes and transformer for testing, rebuilt part of the power supply, 
> and finally gave up.
> Any tips for a Titan repair source appreciated.
> 73,
> Bernie
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