[TenTec] 565 A9 and Paragon Display driver boards needed

Sandor Wetsel kg4fet at bellsouth.net
Thu May 9 12:34:10 EDT 2019

I need an A9 board for my 565.  The one in mine is messed up.  Who ever did the CAP change did a God Awful job.  Traces are pulled from the board, soldering was awful. I Think I can get this one working (I think this is why the rig cut off on me Sunday) but I would like a better "looking"  board. I also need a Paragon Display driver board.  The one in the Paragon I have is modded to the point that I can't half figure out what goes where.  In this case I might sell the working (sorta) Paragon for 200.00+ a little for shipping.  727 614 2948 for info or talk about the A9



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