[TenTec] Lubricating Orion II Heat Sink Fan

Stuart Rohre Rohre at arlut.utexas.edu
Mon May 13 15:01:33 EDT 2019

Kim had a great suggestion, which eases the application of new lubricant 
to heat sink fans.  Tilt the radio such that the central fan bearing is 
pointing UP, before you heat up the fan to suck in new lubricant on the 
cool down step.

The Fans at Mouser are so good and reasonably priced, that getting a new 
fan overnight is a most time saving step. Match the overall dimensions 
with the old fan.  The new fans have a ball bearing model.

I have done the fan rejuvenation a number of times but last few timees, 
I bouight new fans, and also rejuvenated the old one. That way, I have 
plenty of spares for future use.

Stuart Rohre

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