[TenTec] Scout 555: power goes down as frequency goes up

Carlos carlos.peco at gmail.com
Fri May 31 23:29:31 EDT 2019


I'm very fortunate having several Ten-Tec radios. I use one for several
weeks, then I put it aside, and use the next one for some more weeks.

So I have this Scout that I have only used in 80/40, where it puts full
power (slightly more in 80 meters). But I also have modules for 20/15/10
and the other day I decided to check their health.

Well, everything seems to be OK in RX but, to my dismay, output power drops
as you go up in frequency, up to the point of putting less than 5W in 10

Before I start investigating, maybe someone knows of a common issue that I
should be looking at in the first place?

Many thanks in advance,
Carlos VK1EA

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