[TenTec] What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Steve Berg wa9jml at frontier.com
Sun Sep 8 19:40:33 EDT 2019

I had always wanted an Argonaut 509.  This was especially true when I 
spent some time in western Massachusetts in the early to mid 1980s.  I 
had a ground floor apartment in a building, and there was a convenient 
cliff and trees on top of it, so I was enthused about putting up a long 
wire antenna up to the trees.  I never bought the 509, though.  I 
remedied that several years ago by buying an Argonaut 515 from a list 
member.  I started buying Ten Tec radios some years ago when I purchased 
an Argonaut II from AES.  I had a lot of fun with that radio, and still 
have it. Since then, I have had an Omni V, a Corsair II, an Omni VII, an 
Eagle, and 4 Argonaut VI rigs.

They are addictive!


Steve WA9JML

On 9/8/2019 2:18 PM, Ron Notarius W3WN via TenTec wrote:
> Spent a little time at a small hamfest about an hour from home.  There on
> the club table, much to my surprise... an Argonaut 509 for $10. 00.
> That's not a typo.  Ten Dollars.
> It was quickly explained to me that the unit was "not working" (no specifics
> given) and "needed some help", and the price included several small bags of
> parts.  (No manual, so I'll have to download one)
> I just couldn't pass it up, not at that price.  But now I'm wondering...
> what have I gotten myself into?
> Any tips on where to start with the poor thing will be appreciated.
> ..oh, also on the table was a Ten Tec 1553 Budget Electronic Keyer Kit,
> never opened, $5 and yes that went home with me!  Unfortunately, the Orion
> II kept calling to me, but $1200 was just more than I had in my wallet.  (To
> say nothing of the ETO Alpha 87 for $1300)
> 73, ron w3wn
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