[TenTec] WTB: options for O2

Petr Ourednik indians at xsmail.com
Thu Sep 12 10:59:14 EDT 2019

Hi folks,

as I luckily found the AT566K for my O2 as same as 2002 filter for father's O2
the rest of options I am looking for are:

- high-end RX366 sureceiver for 566/565 + filters 
- optional Model 310 external fan unit
- matched Orions TenTec Model 940 Power Supply

(if somewhere the LDG internal ATU model OT-11P for 565/566 will come up then I will be 
interresting in it too)

Please let me know if you have someting getting dust... good home is offered. 

73 - Petr, OK1RP

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