[TenTec] Ten-Tec Service Experiences?

Gary Follett dukeshifi at comcast.net
Sun Sep 22 20:10:49 EDT 2019

I have had magnificent email based support from Ten Tec in recent months.

Eight weeks lead time may seem long, but sometime I myself get to that point. In some cases, when uncommon parts are needed, waits can easily get longer.

They know their radios so I have to believe they would do good work on them.

Aside from the PTO, which I do NOT want to do, what is wrong with the Omni?



> On Sep 22, 2019, at 6:46 PM, J Baker <jabake3 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello, all!
> My first post, as a new member of the reflector! Very cool to have found
> this group!
> I have an Omni D (original owner) that I would like to have serviced (just
> don't have enough knowledge or equipment to do it myself). Don’t foresee
> any significant repairs, other than a PTO rebuild, which I'm gonna try
> myself. I emailed TT about servicing the radio and received a pleasant
> reply: I can hand-deliver the unit to them in Sevierville; they currently
> have an 8-week backlog; rates are $140 for the first hour, $125/hr after
> that; etc.
> Wondering if anyone has any recent experiences with service/repairs by TT?
> I've seen a limited number of mixed reviews on the other forums.
> Hoping to keep this classic radio on the air for many more years!
> Thanks!
> Jeff
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