[TenTec] Delta 580 SOLD, 280 PS Available

Bill Cotter n4lg at qx.net
Sat Sep 28 12:14:52 EDT 2019


I am making room in my station for a couple of new rigs. The 
following radios are full working sets, free from issues, and have 
been kept in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. 
Pictures are available on request. Contact:  n4lg at qx.net

Priced to sell:

1) TenTec OMNI-VI factory Opt-3 SN# 9A10283 includes only the stock 
SSB filters, power cable, manual and original factory shipping 
carton. Excellent Condition. $385 plus shipping from 40356.

1a) Available option filters for above: a) 217 8-pole 9mHz IF 500Hz 
CW, b) 285 6-pole 6.3mHz IF 500Hz CW, c) 221 6-pole 9mHz IF 250Hz 
CW, and d) 288 8-pole 6.3mHz IF 1800Hz SSB. $50 each with purchase 
of rig, $65 each otherwise. Rig buyer has first choice of filters.

1b) Inrad roofing filter kit for the OMNI-VI with #763 600Hz CW 
filter, NEW IN BOX with circuit board, filter, jumpers, mounting 
hardware, and instructions. $125 plus shipping from 40356.

2) 280 Power Supply for Delta 580. 13.5VDC 20A regulated PS with 
over-voltage and over-current protection. Very good condition. $55 
plus shipping.

3) TenTec 566AT Orion-II SN# 10C11005 with Antenna Tuner, standard 
sub-reciever, cooling fan, and six filters (6kHz, 2.4kHz, 1.8kHz, 
1kHz, 600Hz, 300Hz). Front panel display is picture perfect, A9 
board modification done in 2019, new AT and XCVR Batteries, 
Firmware ver 3.033xd and DSP 2.11b410, includes manual, power 
cable, and factory shipping carton. $1,275 plus shipping from 40356.

SPECIAL NOTE: All of the above have been used in a non-smoking 
environment, and not subject to the stink of nicotine and tar.

73 es tnx Bill N4LG

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