[TenTec] OMNI 6+ general value present day?

Malcolm McLeman f5vbu at cegetel.net
Sat Aug 1 07:22:02 EDT 2020

Before parting with your Omni VI may I suggest you consider one thing.
> Omni VI not only its attributes as a receiver with unsurpassable QSK 
> but how it sounds on air  CW to others.
> When Japanese transceivers became popular in  the '60's they were 
> primarily intended for SSB  with CW as an appendage and remember the 
> FT101 reviewed as such.  Things have changed since then but I still 
> maintain Japaese rigs do not in any way compare in purity of CW note  
> (imo Icom worst) with TT or Elecraft'
> I regularly check my O6 on air keying via a SDR in PA and it is second 
> to none.
Malcolm F5VBU

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