[TenTec] Omni C filter board

Shawn Upton kb1ckt at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 8 21:52:01 EST 2020

I feel like a page is missing in my Omni C manual?  For filter board 48034.  This is the 2.4kHz filter that precedes the selectable crystal filter section.  Does anyone have that schematic?
I'm curious about modifying this board / swapping out / something.  I use my Omni C on CW and 2.4kHz is a bit too wide.  I find I like 1.8kHz for "wide" mode, and have a filter for that.  500Hz is nice to cut down on noise, and I have that too.  But both times I've operated in the ARRL 160m contest I've found myself wishing for a 250Hz filter.  So... maybe there is a way to slide the filters around?
[Yes I know, I could just put 500Hz into the 1.8kHz slot, and 250 into the 500Hz slot, for when it's contest time.  I will very likely do that as it's the least amount of work!  Probably "best" to leave alone and get a different radio if I find this too limiting.  Still, I'm curious.]
Thanks,Shawn KB1CKT
PS: I *did* notice that the Omni C has "low" sensitivity on 160!  I suspect what I should do is use a different RX antenna and just use a pre-amp on that antenna, if needed.

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