[TenTec] HELP! Eagle Tuning Problem

Bob McGraw K4TAX rmcgraw at blomand.net
Wed Jan 1 12:24:32 EST 2020

Remove the top cover, taking care not to break the leads to the 
speaker.   Unplug them from the PC board.  Behind the display are 2 
boards about 4" long and 1" high.  There is a clip at the end of each 
one.  Carefully move each one out to release the board.  Tilt the board 
back toward the filters and remove the board.  Clean the edge 
connectors, both side with a Q-Tip and contact cleaner. Insert and lock 
the board in place, reverse of removing the board.   Now, do the other 
one the same way.    Should take care of the problem.     DO NOT SPRAY 
anything into the radio.


Bob, K4TAX

On 1/1/2020 11:13 AM, 1291jim at gmail.com wrote:
> Happy New Year All,
> I have had an issue with my Eagle happen twice now.
> Issue:
> -  Eagle loses tuning and SWR starts going crazy and jumping all over the
> place
> -  Will not tune with inboard or outboard tuner
> -  Returns to normal operation after I shut in down for a while
> Background:
> - Has only happened when I have been operating for several hours and during
> a 20 min+ QSO, (so lots of sending) and both times on 40M
> - Eagle felt warm but not hot
> - Antenna is an EndFed (Alpha Antenna J-Pole Sr)
> - Without tuning on 40M SWR is 2.6 : 1
> - Normally tunes to 1.0 or 1.1 : 1 with outboard or internal tuner
> 1st occurrence:
> - I had been operating for 3-4 hrs
> - Eagle was running 100W through an MFJ Intellituner Model 993B that tuned
> SWR to 1.1 : 1
> - SWR started jumping all over the place
> - MFJ could not tune it
> - I assumed it was the MFJ Tuner, shut it all down.
> 2nd occurrence: (last night)
> - Had been operating several hours at 100W
> - Eagle again through MFJ Tuner when SWR started jumping all over
> - This time I bypassed the MFJ tuner and tried to tune with the Eagles
> internal tuner
> - The internal tuner could not tune the antenna and SWR continued going nuts
> through the attempted tuning process
> This morning after a rest, rig tunes FB with outboard or inboard tuner.
> Pulling it from service now.
> Any advice would be appreciated.
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