[TenTec] 253 autotuner stepper motor

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Mon Jan 6 12:43:05 EST 2020

Thanks. I will keep an eye out but tentec only made 400 of them and I
am sure many of those are in a scrap yard somewhere.
The company I found will make me one but they have min order of 180
and 30 shipping. Or I can buy 5 for $51 each and shipping will be
around $300.
May have to part the old girl out. I am going to change the motor
drive IC as I have 15 of them in tubes. I have ordered a 24 narrow
socket so I will only have to solder once. I have heard of failures of
the driver chips so maybe I will get lucky. 
Gary K4MT

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 I never seen a parts auto tuner but that might be the way. Seen those
tuners on qth and eBay for around $300 . 73s Byron AC9PA 

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 > On Jan 6, 2020, at 10:49 AM, Gary Hendricks  wrote:
 > If any cares but me, I have found a source for these motors.
They are
 > available at Servo2Go. I was given a quote of 51 dollars each but
 > order of 5. Had another quote of $114 and I am checking to see if
 > has min order. Both quotes from same company, different people.
 > Gary K4MT
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