[TenTec] 253 autotuner stepper motor

Gary Hendricks k4mt1950 at charter.net
Tue Jan 7 13:28:16 EST 2020

Again for any of the few 253 (only 400 ever sold) owners who care the
following info may be of interest.
I have discovered the problem. After watching the operation of the
roller inductor and talking to some other experts, I was reminded of
the failures common in the EEProm that stores the tuning memory. If
you tune too often the EEProm fills up and then gets scrambled causing
the tuner to operate strangely. Thats why Tentec put them in a socket
for easy change. I now remember when I was working there they often
sent new EEProms to users.
 I had changed it when I first got the tuner as it would forget the
tuning on some bands when power was removed.
I was lucky to have purchased a bunch of the original Xicor X2404P
EEProms used in the 253 and other Tentec radios. Now all thats
available are Chinese clones which may or may not be fakes.
Tuner is back to normal operation.
Gary K4MT

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